Hillary Bhakt U.S Media

Hillary Bhakt (devotees) U.S Media

U.S Media acting like devotees or disciples of Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton

Painting: Ramesh Patel, source: http://www.artzolo.com

Of late rise of internet and social media in India has produced a distinctive and peculiar cyber species who tends to be aggressive and over possessive followers of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi since he has been elected to the office.. These hardcore ardent followers have been termed as “Bhakts” by the Indian Netizens.

The Terminology “Bhakts“(Hinglish)::

Bhakt is a Hindi word meant for a Devotee or Disciple + ‘s‘ the native English suffix is used to make it plural i.e. Bhakt + s = Bhakts

The Netizen’s majority has coined the term Bhakts because these hardcore followers believes in every “True-Lies and Lies-True” uttered by P.M Modi and defends everything un-uttered by him.

Although it’s been discovered later that there are a whole lot of Bhakts sitting in Main stream Indian Media and as of now these netizens claims that most of the Bhakts in Indian Media are identified.

But here the mockery of the situation is that the Pundits of U.S Media are turned into Bhakts of Hillary Clinton.

U.S Media appears like  a blind ‘Bhakt'(disciple or devotee) of “Guru” Hillary Clinton. They admire, praise and cover up  even on issues where Clinton is bad. The irony of the thing is that the supporters of Hillary in Media came out with lies, invented reasons and excuses as well dumb founded justifications like this one given below:

Vote for Hillary even if she is a Crook because Its important.

So far, a handful of Republican office holders have demonstrated the courage and decency to declare, as President George H.W. Bush said of David Duke in 1991, that Donald Trump is unfit for office. But the majority of Republicans, so far, havent demonstrated that level of courage and decency. They seem to still be hoping that the racist, misogynist, ignorant and unstable man who hijacked their partys nomination will change his spots between now and election day.

Or perhaps they feel they have to support Trump because, after all, hes the only viable candidate running against Hillary Clinton, and theyre sure shes a crook.

Hillary Clinton is not a crook.

Is Hillary a crook?


The point here is that it doesnt matter whether or not Crooked Hillary is a crook.

So, yeah, I think youre wrong to hate Hillary Clinton and wrong to oppose her. I think she has enormous personal integrity and has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to moral values far greater than either the commitment or the values of any her critics over the years. And at any other point between now and November, I would be happy to sit down with you to explain why her track record and her policy agenda are things I support with pride and enthusiasm.

But never mind that for now. You think shes a crook?

Fine, lets stipulate that shes a crook. That crook is all thats standing between us and having President Donald Trump redefine the future of this country and of the Republican Party. Donald Trump is unfit for office.

Vote for the crook. Its important.

So you must have heard what great justification given about Hillary.

Another Hillary Bhakt media personnel writes :

Personally I admit that “she is a cynical opportunist who among other things supported the Iraq War ( and yes, I have seen the attempts at rewriting the history here) and who accuses people who struggle for Palestinian rights of antisemitism. But she’s probably emblematic of how politics works in this country.. You run for office, make millions out of office, then run for office again while denying that money has any influence on you.

You pander to donors. You switch positions when it is expedient. On human rights issues you are utterly hypocritical.. (Still I’m voting for Hillary because she’s the first Women candidate running for U.S Presidential post).

What an art invented ‘Bhakt Reasoning”.

Let’s get back to latest Main stream Media Bhakts


Media Now Claims Russians Have Trump Sex Tape”

How many ways can you say the mainstream media has sunk to a new low?

Over the last 24 hours they have been pushing a debunked story about Donald Trump being controlled by the Kremlin. You’ll have to give The New York Times some credit for shooting down the bullshit coming from Slate and Mother Jones, but you have to wonder if the truth will get as much play as the lies.

No Way Truth will get as much play as lies because, The best quote, so far, from this election is from Putin. And know it very well this quote hasn’t garnered more attention or say more plays: Putin said “If I wanted to influence American Politics, I would have just donated to the Clinton Foundation.”

Anyway Some of the more rabid members of the press simply refuse to let this Sex Tape line of attack go, however. How can you keep the story line rolling in the face of this huge slap down?

Make up a lie about the Russians having Sex Tapes starring Donald Trump, of course !

Why didn’t any Trump supporter think of doing something similar to Hillary?

Possibly because she’s completely undesirable.. ?

But it’s also because None among the public is in the habit of printing stories or spreading rumors that have no basis in reality.

Luckily for them, the ruling media class has no such qualms.

they’ll run it over and over.. Breaking.. Highlighting .. Discussing hours in studios.



When Trump does say something that seems sensible like cutting back on our idiotic military interventions (an issue where Clinton should be vulnerable), Media goes silent, even media immediately ruins it by pointing out something insensible or highlighting any casual utterance of Trump.

In the meantime:

National polls showed a dead heat in the presidential contest between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump with the election less than eight days away.

In the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania, Clinton held a slim 2-point lead but Trump held 2-point and 7-point edges in North Carolina and Georgia, respectively. Clinton had a 1-point lead in Colorado while Trump led by 4 points in Nevada.

The campaign is in its final week before the Nov. 8 balloting.

A poll of New Hampshire voters indicates Donald Trump is leading Hillary Clinton 45 percent to 43 percent. The poll by the New Hampshire Journal/Inside Sources indicates the bulk of Clinton’s support comes from women while Trump’s support is split equally among men and women.




What they are not realizing is people are loving Trump even if he talks insensible on occasions.

You need to realize Trump may Win.








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  1. Reblogged this on SHANEPEDiA and commented:
    The expression “Bhakts” has gained rapid popularity since P.M Modi came to power in India. The liberals ridicules Modi’s backers as faithful devotees who have rendered total submission at their god’s feet and have the habit of leaving their brains in the refrigerator while evaluating anything that the Prime Minister does or says.


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