Indians towards Modern Slavery

By Banning the Rs.500 & Rs.1000 Currency Notes

Mr. Modi has laid the Path for Making India a Cashless Economy..

Just for the Benefits of Global Bankers

How much it costed RBI to print a new, high-value currency note, and What is the impact on the exchequer when it is pulled out of circulation


Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is working under the influence of Global Bankers.”

The Demonetization of Rs 500 & Rs 1000 Currencies are a clear sign of Large American Bankers long term interest in taking Indian Economy in their Hands.

Money scarcity is the phenomenon of insufficient liquidity in the economy to finance all possible Trades.

Mr. Modi who is now aligned with American Bankers, “The Global Bankers” who are now aligned with Mr. Narendra Modi were known to have always focused on scarcity of money.

Go behind and find for yourself “Lending is the fundamental cause of money scarcity”.

This Money Scarcity will be the beginning of Modern day Slavery in India.

Money scarcity is pleasant to the Bankers. They prefer depressed economies, because it prevents the poor from becoming middle class. Bankers like cheap labor and people licking their boots for below sustenance job.

At What Cost

How much it costed RBI to print a new, high-value currency note, and What is the impact on the exchequer when it is pulled out of circulation

There is a significant cost in stopping issuance of Rs.1,000 and Rs.500 notes, and these costs should be weighed against what misuse of high-value notes costs the economy, before Mr. Modi should have made a decision.

What’s the Hurry in making India a Cashless Economy ?

These are all part of a Grand design to make people modern slaves of the High and Mighty, The Rulers and Governmental System.

More to come….


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5 thoughts on “Indians towards Modern Slavery”

  1. It is quite understandable now..
    Now when we are experiencing how the banks are reluctant in exchanging our money.. as well how RBI is coming up everday with new circulars and tactics to bring down the quantum of exchange of people’s own hard earned money.

    It’s now clear.. all this things are just to create the money scarcity.. Which will lead people begging to banks for loans for all their requirements. .


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