TRUMP Slapped Media

TRUMP’S Victory A Slap on Media


Clearly it is a Slap right on the face of Arrogant Main Stream Media, The so called Honorable Pollsters and Pundits were so wrong that everything they said all year should have been Scrapped and disregarded. I am sorry I didn’t have the means to do so.

Take example, Las Vegas lawyer Robert Barnes, who has, since the primaries, consistently predicted a Trump victory and who has now made hundreds of thousands of dollars for himself and the clients he advised to place bets on Trump with European bookmakers. The signs he and other gamblers saw — all of them regarded rather Unscientific — turned out to be more valid than the Arrogant opinions and Authoritative-looking calculations of Pollsters, Academics, Political operatives and Veteran commentators and other mercenaries of Main stream Media .

Trump demolished all preconceived notions about American politics and dashed Hillary Clintons hopes of the highest office forever

They should have listened to Barnes, and to dozens of ordinary Americans who explained why they preferred Trump to Clinton. Most were unhappy about their economic situation, particularly rising Obamacare premiums and the precariousness of their incomes, and every one of them considered Clinton corrupt. As one Trump supporter in Orlando put it Tuesday night, “I’d rather have the mafia run the U.S. government than Hillary Clinton: They are less crooked.”


That should have told them something important — or, rather, confirmed something they came to knew from the Counting Booths and Electoral College.

Trump won because, by the end of his campaign, he wasn’t just a nationalist populist, He was also an anti-corruption crusader.

 “The American people don’t like corruption.”The American People don’t like Crooked Hillary, The American People don’t like Crooked Media.

Despite of all odds Trump managed to strike a chord with the American people as an unorthodox candidate without a political background.

Congratulations and Best of Luck...!

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