.blog Domains Are Now Available to Everyone!

.blog Domains

Millions of new, easy to remember .blog domains are available for your blog, for the first time ever.

From Today the November 21 at 15:00 UTC, domain names are available at standard prices on a first-come, first-serve basis


Blogs have grown from simple online diaries into the content that fuels the Internet. But no matter what you create — or why you create it — own what you create by putting it on your domain. It’s time to be heard. It’s time to stop compromising. It’s time to own your online presence.


Why choose a .BLOG domain extension?

  • The .BLOG ending informs visitors of the purpose of your website, and lets them know what they can expect before they even navigate to your site.

  • If you have an existing URL that ends with “blog,” switching to this ending can save you character space. For example, change your domain from thefashionblog.com to thefashion.blog.

  • As a fairly generic domain ending, .BLOG can be used by anyone who shares stories, photos, videos, and more online.

Why choose a .BLOG domain name?

15 years ago, only a few people had any idea what a “blog” was. Now there are now around 156 million public blogs and the word blog a part of everyday speech. Its even recognized by most major dictionaries! The new domain space created by .BLOG will allow the ever growing number of blogs to centralize and connect in new and exciting ways.

It doesn’t ends here.. there is more for you….

BLOG domains to think about:









Then there are…

Similar New Domain Extensions:

 .news  |  .buzz  |  .website  |  .press  |  .media  |  .me

So Get Set Go


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