India came First

Global Establishments pushing for cashless: India came First

As part of the global Banker’s establishment’s ongoing push to create a totalitarian “cashless society” where every transaction can be tracked and controlled, India came first even without the needed Infrastructure, Courtesy The Modi regime, Who sold it’s citizens to Global Bankers.

In Sweden, where government already tracks and monitors almost everything, central bankers are plotting the creation of a “digital currency” that could be completely controlled — along with those who use it — by authorities.

And in Australia, establishment-minded mega-banks are plotting with politicians to force everyone into a United Nations-backed “cashless society” where banks and government have total control over the population. In each case, different excuses have been used. But taken together, it is obvious that something major is going on, worldwide. Liberty and privacy are literally at stake.

As it is warned, the global establishment has increasingly been pushing for humanity to submit to what its propagandists touts as a “cashless society.” Basically, the agenda, pushed by the UN and top global bankers, is to have a world in which all payments and transactions are conducted electronically — thereby creating a permanent record for governments to inspect and track at will. And fill the Bankers pockets on every transaction taking anywhere in the world.

Multiple governments and dictatorships from Africa and Asia to Europe and the Americas have been explicitly working toward that goal, and in recent years, even more have joined the effort. Powerful globalist forces and organizations including the UN, Top Industrialists, Super Capitalists, the Mega-Banks, Central banks, and more are helping, too.

Proponents of the government-enforced move away from physical currency cite a wide array of potential real and imagined benefits. Among them: possible reductions in armed robbery, tax evasion, black-market commerce, the cost of printing and securing physical cash, and more. Critics, though, are warning of the dangerous and Orwellian schemes that could be unleashed in a world where out-of-control governments can monitor literally every purchase, transaction, and bit of economic activity. In light of the recently exposed NSA snooping scandal, the possibilities for abuse and total surveillance are more than hypothetical, obviously.

However, amid the push, analysts and critics have been pushing back, warning that the implications of such a shift would be nightmarish for liberty and privacy of people everywhere.

Indian Government has No Clues of Black Money in India

Cashless Monetary System means Absolute Power over you


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