Can We have A world without debt?

Can we have a world without debt?


For anyone currently in debt, a world without debt probably sounds like a great solution. Some debts – like those between friends or family members – can easily be written off, or at least delayed. But what about debts from financial institutions or between governments? They may be a little more difficult to simply wipe the slate clean.

Is that even a position we want to be in? The whole concept of money is built around a model of debt. A world without debt would require a really drastic change, both economically and morally. It could spell financial ruin for smaller countries and would dramatically impact our everyday lives.

This Payplan infographic investigate the history of debt, the current position in the world and answer the question.



Do you think Debt itself is not evil.. ?

why this payplan infographic presenting Debt an essential system of modern economics. .?

Why they want to live your life in debts ?

Think and write 




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2 thoughts on “Can We have A world without debt?”

  1. Usury is the problem with debt and that is charging interest on money created from the debt. Before the debt was taken, the money did not exist. Can we live in a system debt free as individuals we can to some degree? My wife and I own property without a mortgage, make our own electricity, and grow much of our food. We can sustain without the need to go in debt by saving for items we need or want and paying cash. However, can whole systems of government function this way. I believe so if the bank and money supply is nationalized and not privatized. Therefore, the government does not have to pay the interest on the debt it creates. I know it gets more complicated than this, but I believe this would be the first step to change the system.


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