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Aims to provides a rational, researched and documented, review of modern Policies and the events that led to the binding of own citizen’s into limitless force and restrictions in the first place.

We also keep our focuses mainly on global trends and how separate events are related to each other and designed.



Today, the endless (unwinnable) War On Terror and numerous false flag attacks have proven to be effective (albeit transparent) ways to drive both corporate profits and tighter legislative controls of the citizen’s, literally taking control of the collective consciousness of Humanity.



One of the best ways to gain and maintain power over people and support for doing anything is to keep the people in constant fear in fear of wars, of outsiders, and more recently, of “terrorism

Now We are living in a world of shifting sides, of terrorism enacted by shadowy entities and populations indirectly under arrest by the system and power and of course powerful, Mass restriction of information, freedom, movement, natural resources and, importantly, technology — technology that would remove the need to fight over resources.


When the term liberalism (from the Latin word liberalis, meaning pertaining to a free man) first emerged in the early 1800s, its hallmarks were a belief in individual rights, the rule of law, limited government, private property, and laissez faire economics.

These would remain the defining characteristics of liberalism throughout the liberal epoch (generally identified as the period of 1815-1914). But the contemporary version of liberalism is a parody of its predecessor. It is a stalwart champion of group rights and collective identity, rather than of individual rights and responsibilities


Development is about transforming the lives of people, not just transforming economies.” 

We know your time is precious, and We want to give you only useful, meaningful, accurate information and observation









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The freedom of World on the verge of Arrest by the High and Mighty