The New World of Mobiles

Probably most middle age generation will remember the times that the only mode of mobile communication that was possible, just 15 years ago was just by using beepers to receive messages about people who had called.


However with the advent of cellular phones or mobile GSM phones, the concept of communication changed thoroughly to create a different world for every one.

In today’s world, many people use mobile phones and the internet to communicate with each others.

There are several reasons as to why the mobiles have gained such tremendous popularity amongst people worldwide. Imagine the days when there was no mobile and the world talked on landlines. If you have lived in those days you would surely also be aware about the problems that one had to face. Just imagine those cracked voices and wrong numbers and the helplessness of talking from near the phone.

Well, mobiles came in and everything changed and changed drastically. All of a sudden cracked voices, wrong numbers, the torture of talking from near the phone and the helplessness of not being able to talk while on move became a thing of past. Mobiles ensured that communication on phone became extremely smooth and a pleasure. Mobiles can easily be carried and as such talking while on move also became a possibility.

Then again it was not only the call making and receiving facility that offered instead there was a whole range of benefits that can be reaped of a mobile. For the first time people saw a phone that was also a music player. Yes! It was now possible to listen to music on phone. Also was possible was to play games, calculate difficult sums, send and receive SMS, e-mails, video and still photographs and to download picture, video, favourite music and ring tones.


Mobiles come in various colours and sleekest designs and there is a huge variety to select from. It therefore should not come as a surprise to anyone about the mammoth fan following that the mobiles enjoy across the world.

The fact that mobile phone users are increasing day by day cannot be ignored. Today one can find mobile phone users in different layers of the society– from the cute little teen to those oldies, the brainy boss to practical businessman. Perhaps mobile phones are the most sought after communicative device today. With its growing demand as a communicative device these gadgets are also acquiring a special position among the users as a handy alternative for digital cameras.

Consumers can find a plethora of mobile phones with a built-in camera which could satisfy ones photography needs. Virtually all new mobile phones now have a camera whether it may be the basic VGA 0.3 megapixel varieties or the current generation of 21 megapixels. Though very few users use the camera features of the phone for photography in the actual sense, there are many who are quite fond of photo messaging and sharing. Even manufacturers are also in a constant competition to provide the best camera phones in a most bargainable rate.


A report by Google found that smartphone usage rose 44 percent during the first three months of last year. Smartphone users are relying more on their devices, with 66 percent of people accessing the Internet daily from a cell phone. Since smartphones have become so integral, businesses that have a mobile strategy benefit from constant connectivity with their customers.

According to CNET, there are 2.1 billion Internet users in the world today, which accounts for 30 percent of the world’s population. With mobility, people can now access the Internet wherever they are, and employees can work remotely wherever there is Internet access.

The Google report noted that 80 percent of people don’t leave home without their smartphone. When looking up information on a local business, 94 percent use their smartphone and 90 percent of those people follow it up by contacting the business or making a purchase. People who used their smartphone to make a purchase made up 35 percent or people surveyed.

Seventy percent of people have bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies at their office, said VentureBeat. Workers are increasingly using smartphones, tablets and laptops to conduct their business. With so many employees working outside of the office, mobile virtualization has become a legitimate and necessary option.

A study by Gartner found that 33 percent of office software will be cloud based by 2017. There’s approximately 50 million cloud-based enterprise systems currently. Employees are more frequently conducting work in the cloud, using mobile business applications to create spreadsheets, presentations and documents. Gartner expects cloud computing-based office systems to steadily grow through 2015 and increase speed as service is moved into the cloud and as the average number of devices employees use increases.


Latest mobile phones have taken the mobile phone market by storm with their futuristic features and state-of-the-art technologies. These handsets incorporate all the entertainment options like video playback, music player, camera, etc. These high-end handsets bring various user-friendly features to facilitate all of the user’s tasks. With so many slim and sophisticated gadgets available around, the consumers can select their desired handset according to their preferences. The most reliable brand, Nokia is catering to the needs of all the people. All these advanced technology gadgets have become smart phones with features like document viewer option. These fashion accessories allow you to stand out in the crowd.

Henceforth We shall come up with various aspects and faces as well buying and utility topics related to Mobile Phones in our blog.



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