Protect Your Privacy on Facebook

Protect Your Privacy on Facebook

The way in which the internet allows data to be produced, collected, combined, shared, stored, and analyzed is constantly changing.

Information about an individual is generated through each use of the internet. In some cases the individual is aware that they are generating information and that it is being collected, but in many cases, the individual is unaware of the information trail that they are leaving online, do not know who is accessing the information, and do not have control over how their information is being handled, and for what purposes it is being used.

The Privacy Concern| Do what you can but it is hard to protect your privacy online, still We need to keep trying and secure our selves from unknown threats.. Here TFE Times came up with some nice tips at your Privacy on Facebook that you can go for.



via The Most Important Ways to Protect Your Privacy on Facebook — TFE Times


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